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Mycocollagen Collagen peptides combined with Lions Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Chaga


Our unique formula provides three types of collagen & four types of functional/medicinal mushroom extracts to support:

  •  Supports healthy skin, hair, and nails, promoting a natural glow and youthful appearance.

  • Boosts joint, bone, tendon, and cartilage health, promoting mobility and flexibility.

  • Provides immune and brain health support, boosting overall wellness.

  •  Enhances gut and organ health, aiding in digestion and overall body function.

  • Improves athletic performance and recovery, providing essential proteins for muscle growth and repair.

  •  Each serving is packed with 9500mg of Grass-Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides.

  • It Contains 250mg each of Reishi, Wild Chaga, Lions Mane, and Turkey Tail mushroom extracts.

  • All extracts are 100% fruiting body extracts, ensuring high quality and potency.

  • It contains no mycelium or grain - 30% polysaccharides.

  • 3rd party Lab-tested for quality and safety assurance.

Having used Ancestral Edge MycoCollogen for several months ,I know my physical health has improved dramatically and would highly recommend this product and if there was more than 5stars it would be well about that .I can't stress how good this product is.
Margaret Clark

Our Mission, Vision and Pledge


We started this company with a passion for researching the ancestral way of life and the forgotten knowledge of ancient potions and remedies our ancestors used for thousands of years. We were frustrated with other companies that use poor quality ingredients and sometimes health-damaging substances. 
At Ancestral Edge, our mission and purpose are to deliver the best and cleanest supplement formulations with transparency and honesty. We will only use 100% natural ingredients sourced from the top suppliers in the world and planet-respecting growers. 

Our formulation design team uses only research-backed lab-tested ingredients, trialled and tested by our ancestors from various cultures to help you thrive. 

Our products will never contain any unnecessary fillers and substances. 
This approach guarantees unique products and supplements that optimise the health and

the well-being you deserve. 

We care deeply about our planet; our goal is to grow 100,000 trees in the UK. To accomplish that, we partnered with, and for every product you purchase, we will plant one tree on your behalf.

So join our Ancestral Tribe, and follow us on the journey where we will explore eating habits, lifestyle, and forgotten knowledge of those before us. It's time to get back to the roots and reclaim what is rightfully yours. 





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